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Daniella Fairbairn Releases Her Customer Service Book On Audio

New York, NY - Author, speaker, and coach Daniella Fairbairn recently released an audio version of her first book, Insanely Great Customer Service: Going Beyond Ordinary Service To Unleash Fiercely Loyal Customer Relationships


Insanely Great Customer Service is a primer geared toward small business owners on giving the best service possible.


With information about customer experiences being so easily shared, customer service is the new business currency. Customer word of mouth...

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4 Advanced Ways To Attain Service Excellence

Get personal. Your customers want to feel like they have access to real people, not robots and FAQs. Offer more than just automated email responses, and do not let your telephone prompts or website send them down a rabbit hole. Take full advantage of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp) and respond to posts in a timely fashion. To show there is a live person behind the scenes, upload photos and bios to your website. 


Be available. Part of the personal touch is making sure...

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4 Tips For Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

  1. Ask reps to try to identify a common ground–like shared interest with customers. By humanizing the relationship, conflict is much easier to resolve. 
  2. Practice active listening so your customers feel heard. Clarify and rephrase what the customers said to ensure you understand them. Also, empathize by saying things like,  “That must be very upsetting” or “I can see why you’re at a loss for words.”
  3. Admit your mistakes, even if you discover them before your customers do. This...
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6 Skills Essential to Providing Quality Service To Others

Empathy, patience and consistency. Some customers will be irate. Others will be full of questions while others, chatty. You must know how to handle them all and provide the same level of service with every encounter.


Adaptability. Every customer is different, and some may even seem to change week-to-week. You should be able to handle surprises, sense the customer’s mood and adapt accordingly. This also includes a willingness to learn and providing good customer service is a continuous...

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7 Tips For Nailing The Art of Customer Service

1. It All Starts at the Roots

CEOs or owners of a business are the ones who plant the seeds of how the company’s customers should be treated. If they seem to care more about the products and services than they do the customers who are using them, then chances are strong that their employees and representatives will share the same perspective.


2. Don’t Play the Blame Game

Mistakes have happened in the past and they’ll undoubtedly happen in the future.  Rather than figure out who...

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