You’re not the only business making costly mistakes with your employees. But by the time these missteps become apparent, you’re too busy with the day-to-day operations to implement effective change.

I offer a wide array of solutions including one-on-one consulting, masterminding, masterclasses, training, certification, as well as creating and facilitating customer service workshops. Topics include

  • Avoiding and overcoming common personnel mistakes

  • Forming & retaining your top-performing teams: creating engagement & preventing turnover

  • Building a customer satisfaction business

  • Improving communications both in-house and external

  • Grooming your brand ambassadors

Team-Building Strategies

If you’re busy with growth initiatives and daily operations yet struggling with employee engagement, performance and retention, do you realistically have the time and expertise to create a team of exceptional brand ambassadors?

Finding, onboarding, developing, and retaining employees is the key to success. Your employees are the faces of your company. They’re the ones who dedicate themselves to your vision, mission and values, but too often, the focus on employee engagement vaporizes in the face of your profits. After all, who wants poor attitudes, mediocre performance, dissatisfaction and high turnover?

My customized solutions help you overcome the common pitfalls of hiring the wrong people; having poor onboarding practices; lacking open communication; setting unclear expectations and little or no ongoing employee development.

Customer Service Consulting

Customer service begins with the right team: people who’ve been onboarded and empowered to become passionate brand ambassadors who take ownership of their role and share your dream. What happens with the right team? Outstanding customer service and profits.

In the age of instant gratification, the personal touch can help your business break through and break out. I craft customized seminars, coaching sessions and workshops on the lost art of customer service. Your business is a reflection of you. Why not optimize your human capital and invest in your team?

I have one mission only – to coach you in fundamentals of quality, lucrative customer experiences.


Sheryl was a woman in her mid-30s who owned and operated an auto-shop/garage. The business had been passed down to her through her father and grandfather, and since Sheryl wasn’t a mechanic she didn’t work on the cars herself, but didn’t have the heart to get rid of her family business. The business was struggling being ran by makeshift mechanics who knew little about customer service, who were more or less just interested in a steady paycheck. Sheryl didn’t know what to do, because although she still had customers, the business didn’t seem to have the steady clientele it did in the old days … That was until she met and had a conversation with Daniella.

Together they devised a 30 day goal and discussed a necessary action plan required to meet Sheryl’s goals within the time frame.

Well, it took her even less than that. After being inspired by their discussions, Sheryl realized customer satisfaction was one of the most important things, and got the idea to start sending out thank you cards. Since the business had a computer registry from collecting clients information whenever they’d stop by, she already had their mailing addresses. Having half of all she already needed to achieve her new goal, she utilized the addresses in the registry to send out short thank you notes to customers who stopped by for auto repairs, and pretty soon started noticing she saw the same customers more regularly. Sheryl thanked Daniella for the inspiration to make such a simple change to the way she conducted business, and was surprised to see her customers noticed as well. Through this simple act of kindness, Sheryl learned how important customer service was, and her customers thanked her with their loyalty.